GTA Retailers now carrying Fanboy Gear

You can now pick up fanboy gear at the following 2 locations in Toronto:

Toronto T-Shirt Co. on 219 Yonge Street (right across the Eaton Centre) call 416 362 0122 to find out ahead of time to see if they have your size. Click here for google directions/map

All City Clothing Store on 7 Shuter Street (also right near Eaton Centre) call 416 368 1907 to find out ahead of time to see if they have your size. Click here for google directions/map
If anyone has any recommendations regarding places they’d like to see future shirts sold retail, let me know.


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Update time!

Some things that you guys need to know when it comes to ordering:

1) Never ever make 2 orders and then expect them to be thrown into one. Never make 2 orders unless you want them to come seperately at your door [with accompanying shipping prices]

2) All sales are in USD. Unfortunately, our merchant system only allows USD. Sad and stupid, yes; but our hands are tied here. Sorry guys. NOW, if you do want to pay in CAD, then just do a pickup.

3) Pickups you say? We just completely overhauled our pickup system. From now on, we will have multiple pickup spots around the GTA where customers wanting to buy shirts will simply drop in to and pay there. Pickup spots will have a designated time where customers can come in. Stay tuned regarding these spots and their timings. Some benefits of this will be that you wont have to pay extra costs associated with ordering online.

4) We will be opening up ordering VERY soon. For all who dont know, to find out instantly when you will be able to order, simply send a blank email to fanboylist[a]

5) We have already had some people send in their pics sporting the new shirts. I don’t know what you guys are thinking but all we’re looking for is people sporting the shirts doing crazy shit[or just pleasing pictures in general] and if you’re in the top 5 picked, you get a free shirt of your choice from any of our brand new designs! (ps. you have to send in the pics to fanboygear[a] with the subject line ‘Pic’ and thats it. Add your name and city so we can give you a proper shoutout)

6) Lastly, Willis started his official ‘wear nothing but red’ campaign as soon as the first order of shirts came in. We’re not complaining but lets just say he’s been wearing the same damn shirt for days and we’re getting a little nervous about the hygiene situation. Let’s hope he’s been switching shirts, otherwise, we’ll know for sure whether that pungent stench we’ve been tolerating really is the Parmesan or not.


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Pick-Up Location ANNOUNCED!

The pick up spot for the shirts tomorrow from 5:30pm-6:45pm will be at Lower Simcoe and Lake Shore on the S.W corner there is a condo building called “The Riviera” access to our “shop” will be just off lower simcoe at the back of the building.

You should be able to find us.

here is a map..

address: 228 Queens Quay W Toronto, ON

put that in b.c it wont let me show the map.

store will only be open for those hours…so if you cant make it yourself..send your little brother. Whoever..but were not stayin open past 6:45 because we are going to the game..

so be there or face the shipping charges.

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IMPORTANT: Cancellations

The following cancellations have occured:

1) The ‘More Shats!’ shirt will not be printed in this run. I basically got very poor turnout from that one and I will be printing it at a later date. If you are one of the very few that ordered the shirt, it has been taken out of your order and this will reflect itself when the money goes through and you get a confirmation email.

2) Personalization has been canceled. This one really gave me a heartache but I just couldn’t pull it off properly. It increased and complicated my workload ten fold. Not to mention that a lot of people misunderstood how it was going to work anyway. Maybe in the future. Instead, all first run t-shirts [including The Red Army & Uno Dos Tres] will have the Limited Edition emblem on the back below the logo. I know it’s not personalization, but you can feel good knowing that you got the first batch nobody else will ever get again.


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Pick-Up Location

What would be the best spot to set up shop and distribute? I don’t want to pick a spot without consultation with native torontonians.

The place would have to be open enough so that I can have the gear and possibly a table to tick off and confirm orders.

Suggest Away!


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Shipping Conundrum

A lot of people had trouble with shipping earlier and a method to fix it was implemented temporarily. It worked great except it was too much of a hassle on both sides. There is good news and I will share it below in the form of points.

1) If you made an order but the only problem was that shipping or tax was not showing up properly, don’t worry. The system now automatically corrects the mistake and will add appropriate shipping costs to your order at the time of shipping. Tentative shipping rates are listed here.

2) If you sent me money by PayPal for shipping, tax, or shirts [or a combination of these], excellent. Your confirmation will show the appropriate charges. If something ever goes wrong, I will personally take care of it until you are dealt with fairly.

3) If you made an order at all, worry not. Your shipping and tax will be calculated properly at the time of shipping. Money will only be charged when I have physically handed the postman your package.

4) If you are not in Ontario or Quebec, your shipping rate will be emailed to you before your order is dispatched. That is, before any money is taken out of your account or order made, we will tell you how much the shipping rate is for your address. Once you approve, we will send the package out.



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Stay Tuned!

Welcome everyone to the official FanBoy blog. This space will now be used to address all issues dealing with our shirts.

Furthermore, it will also serve as a discussion gateway for all Raptor fans to introduce new ideas and possible designs so we can get them printed!

Please be patient and keep checking back tonight. There is a major update coming with important announcements regarding shirts.

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